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Loving Life! 

That's our motto here at YOGI Fitness Mat.  

Behind that fluffy ear of a dog is YOGI's signature model and receptionist. 

 YOGI-You On the Go Instantly! was designed out of the "need for speed!" when she was just an infant. 

As a new mom I was always pressed for time! 

When the opportunity came for me to go to my yoga practice, I jumped on it! 

In a hurry I would look for my mat, then my towel, my water bottle, then my phone...my wallet-can't forget that! And my keys...where are my keys?!

Once I was in such a rush to get out the door, I showed up for practice wearing slippers.  Sigh.

I was always forgetting something as I dodged my baby's reach and ran for the door.  

Forgetting my items for class started to become a problem. 

To ease the frantic rush out the door, I looked for a yoga mat to help with my need for an  instantaneous get-a-away.  

I purchased a yoga mat bag that I could cooly sling over my arm-only, I could never roll the mat tight enough to fit it back into the bag!

I then purchased a carrying strap contraption to put on my mat that would act as a strap. But, I could never find it! -they must have been hanging out with my keys!

Seeing there were no yoga or workout mat that encompassed everything, I decided to make one! 

                 A grab&go yoga/workout mat!

                YOGI: You On the Go Instantly!

Skip the locker room and step into class with YOGI!

Currently, we feature two kinds of YOGI Fitness Mats; the Original and the Express.

Our Original YOGI Fitness Mats come with:

-adjustable carrying strap

-mat towel

-water bottle

-key ring

-wallet/phone holder

All items are attached to the mat and can be easily removed and reattached for even more convenience!

The YOGI Express Fitness Mats come with:

-adjustable carrying strap

-zipper open and close

I hope our mats offer you the same ease and convenience as do for me!   Namaste!

YOGI FITNESS MAT: You On the Go, Instantly! is US Trademarked.